What is PSD2?

The Second Payment Services Directive obliges banks to open up payments infrastructure and customer data to other organisations (third party service providers) with customers consent.

Are there any restrictions to sandbox usage?

No. Sandbox is free and available for everybody to test and develop.

What kind of data your Sandbox contains?

Our sandbox contains dynamic data to get the best out of testing.

Who maintains Open Banking Developer Portal?

Portal is maintained by Oy Samlink Ab.

How can I gain access to production environment?

Production PSD2 API for each bank will be available at omasp-psdapi.samlink.fi, pop-psdapi.samlink.fi and sp-psdapi.samlink.fi respectively. Production TPP registration API for all banks will be available at reg.samlink.fi. Production authorization service for all banks will be available at authservice.samlink.fi.

When API was available in production?

API has been available in production since 9th of September 2019.


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PSD2 Fallback solution

Service Location

The PSD2 fallback solution can only be accessed via following addresses:


In order to log into NetBank on behalf of a customer, a TPP has to sign the login request using a valid eIDAS QSEAL certificate. This signature proves that the TPP is legally allowed to act as a service provider. The login request to be signed is the HTTP POST message generated from the username input form submission (or username/password when TAN list is used) on the NetBank login page.

Signing uses the same mechanism as used in the Berlin Group PSD2 API v1.3: [ https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-cavage-http-signatures-10 ]. Headers that must be included in the login message are:

  • Digest: SHA-256 or SHA-512 digest of the message content, as specified by Berlin Group Implementation Guideline.
  • X-Request-ID: UUID, as specified by Berlin Group Implementation Guideline.
  • TPP-Signature-Certificate: TPP's eIDAS QSEAL certificate, as specified by Berlin Group Implementation Guideline.
  • Signature: as specified by Berlin Group Implementation Guideline (chapter 12.2), constructed from headers Digest, X-Request-ID and TPP-Redirect-URI.

The Digest and X-Request-ID headers must be included in the signature.


Assuming a TPP login on behalf of a customer who has user identifier '00000000' and password 'password'.

The HTML form element in this login page instance has form identifier "id27" and thus the HTTP POST message is: [id27_hf_0=&fakeUserKeyDoNotRemove11=&username=00000000&password=password&loginButton=1].

The SHA-256 digest generated from the message body is: [SHA-256=RLCxP4W48XJU69Q22/glEa6BzmI9j77dM2qNFs53P0Q=].

A random UUID generated for the X-Request-ID is: [fa2d5609-b5ba-4bd2-a4d4-254e69a2972e]

Thus the headers are (the actual signature and certificate below are truncated to be human readable):

Digest: SHA-256=RLCxP4W48XJU69Q22/glEa6BzmI9j77dM2qNFs53P0Q=
Signature: keyId="SN=f3abe28bee1e8f10,CA=OID., C=FI, O=Samlink, CN=PSD2",\
    headers="Digest X-Request-ID",\
TPP-Signature-Certificate: MIIDDjCCAfYCCQDzq+KL7h6PEDANBg.....nRK7aXUSsmLQQDlMRtPHIbOR4sOzXX
X-Request-ID: fa2d5609-b5ba-4bd2-a4d4-254e69a2972e

Change log


New V2 of PSD2 AIS api. V1 will be deprecated on Monday, June 12th 2022. All to-be-deprecated operations are marked in the documentation section.

V2 of the 'Read Transaction List' operation has been reworked. Querying for booked transactions with a provided timerange will now return up to 100 transactions instead of 1000 transactions. An error will no longer be thrown if more than 1000 booked transactions exist. Subsequent searches in blocks of 100 can be done by providing an entryReferenceKey. Executing further queries with a provied entryReferenceKey will not count towards the consent usage limit. This is a breaking change.

All versions of the 'Read Account Details' operation will now contain a list of the account owners in the 'ownerName'-field. This is not a breaking change.

  "_links": {
    "balances": "/payments/sepa-credit-transfers/1234-wertiq-983",
    "transactions": "/payments/sepa-credit-transfers/1234-wertiq-983"
  "bic": "XXXXFIHH",
  "ownerName": "JOE SCHMOE, JOHN DOE",
  "cashAccountType": "CASH",
  "currency": "EUR",
  "iban": "FI1648830010033144",
  "name": "My account",
  "product": "SÄÄSTÖTILI",
  "resourceId": "e556ea77-615f-4b3f-affe-49ee3dfbcfb7",
  "status": "enabled"

V1 of the 'Get Payment Information' and 'Get Periodic Payment Information' operations will now contain a list of the debtor accounts owners in the 'debtorName'-field.

  "creditorAccount": {
    "bban": "BARC12345612345678",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "iban": "FI1648830010033144",
    "maskedPan": "123456xxxxxx1234",
    "msisdn": "+49 170 1234567",
    "pan": "5409050000000000"
  "creditorAddress": {
    "buildingNumber": "string",
    "city": "string",
    "country": "SE",
    "postalCode": "string",
    "street": "string"
  "creditorAgent": "AAAADEBBXXX",
  "creditorName": "Creditor Name",
  "debtorAccount": {
    "bban": "BARC12345612345678",
    "currency": "EUR",
    "iban": "FI1648830010033144",
    "maskedPan": "123456xxxxxx1234",
    "msisdn": "+49 170 1234567",
    "pan": "5409050000000000"
  "debtorName": "Debtor Name, Debtor Name2",
  "endToEndIdentification": "string",
  "instructedAmount": {
    "amount": "5877.78",
    "currency": "EUR"
  "remittanceInformationUnstructured": "Ref Number Merchant",
  "transactionStatus": "ACCC"


App-to-app linking. CodeApp will be opened automatically during OAuth authorization process after user selects it and enters userid, when using a supported browser and mobile device. Both iOS and Android CodeApp clients are supported, with Chrome and Safari browsers.


Extended consent usage counters, 90 day restriction for transaction queries, and single SCA for payments.

  • Consent usage counter, which allows queries four times per day, will be updated to be consent, account and request specific. A separate usage counter will be added to the transaction query parameters booked and pending allowing requests with both of these parameters to be executed four times per day.
  • The support for "withBalance" URL parameter will be added to ListAccounts request: GET /v1/accounts?withBalance=true
  • TPP can make an account inquiry and receive account and card transactions from 90 days with a valid consent. The valid consent will allow for fetching transactions up to 12 + 1 months in the past for a short time period after authorization, before limiting to 90 days of history data.
  • Changes in strong authentication within the payment flow. Strong authentication is done at the start of the payment authorization, and separate strong authentication is no longer required in connection with the payment confirmation. This will fulfill the single-SCA requirement. The PSD2 UI (suostumus- ja vahvistuspalvelu) displays the payment information (dynamic linking) to the user in connection with the payment confirmation.


Added Card Account operations, and made debtorAccount optional in payment initiation.

  • Read List of Card Accounts: GET /v1/card-accounts
  • Read Card Account Transaction List: GET /v1/card-accounts/{account-id}/transactions
  • DebtorAccount is now optional in Payment initiation request. Leaving the field empty will allow the PSU to select the account after login.


Added support for future dated payments with requestedExecutionDate in the future.

New sandbox endpoint /management/execute-future-dated-payments to help with testing future payments.


Consent and Payment initiation response _links/scaOAuth now points to OAuth metadata endpoint, instead of straight to authorize endpoint:

      "scaOAuth": "https://sml-prod-psd2.azure-api.net/.wellknown/oauth-authorization-server",
      "self": "/psd2/v1/consents/gqHPIqjwpp",
      "status": "/psd2/v1/consents/gqHPIqjwpp/status" 
  "consentId": "gqHPIqjwpp",
  "consentStatus": "received",
  "scaMethods": [] 

Metadata endpoint https://sml-prod-psd2.azure-api.net/.wellknown/oauth-authorization-server will return a JSON with the authorization and token endpoints:

  "issuer" : "https://sml-prod-psd2.azure-api.net", 
  "authorization_endpoint" : "https://sml-prod-psd2.azure-api.net/samlink-api-sandbox/oauth/authorize", 
  "token_endpoint" : "https://sml-prod-psd2.azure-api.net/samlink-api-sandbox/oauth/token"

Payment initiation response now contains the _links element as above, and transactionFeeIndicator element with value "false".

Consent usage counts are now not increased if the request contains PSU-IP-Address header, which indicates that the consent user is active in the TPP application while the request was made.