What is PSD2?

The Second Payment Services Directive obliges banks to open up payments infrastructure and customer data to other organisations (third party service providers) with customers consent.

Are there any restrictions to sandbox usage?

No. Sandbox is free and available for everybody to test and develop.

What kind of data your Sandbox contains?

Our sandbox contains dynamic data to get the best out of testing.

Who maintains Open Banking Developer Portal?

Portal is maintained by Oy Samlink Ab.

How can I gain access to production environment?

Production PSD2 API for each bank will be available at omasp-psdapi.samlink.fi, pop-psdapi.samlink.fi and sp-psdapi.samlink.fi respectively. Production TPP registration API for all banks will be available at reg.samlink.fi. Production authorization service for all banks will be available at authservice.samlink.fi.